The Mighty Quinn

My mom’s father was a merchant sailor and his son John was killed by German torpedo during WWII.

I went to Salford, England and within 24 hours received this from the Registrar…

Mom told me about her brother John, and him going to war. Mom hide his bicycle, he was 16 years young, so he would miss his ship. He did miss that ship and that ship came home safely Mom recalled to me sadly. Mom thought, because she hid his bike, the next ship he took, was sank by torpedo. Although I never lived through war; I sure experienced this through Mom’s detailed story telling!

No matter what happens in life, people can not and should not shoulder the blame for the tragic world that envelope our lives even still today and I am sure the CaveMan felt the same way along the highway of Life 101…

you gotta believe; Tug McGraw
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