Power of Purpose

Music was my AeroPlane!

The Story of the Rock Starr Promoter

Charlie Starr ( 2 r’s for Rock n Roll) who helped local talent on the way to Hollywood, California 1985.

Charlie Starr aka Neil The Wheel flew to LAX with KIX on a DC-10 Jumbo Jet and landed a career building the same jet aircraft with McDonnell Douglas Corporation; Douglas Aircraft, DC-10, DC-9, MD-90, MD-11, C-17 & T45.

Donald Douglas birthday 6th April; Neil Clifford birthday 6th April 1961

Merle Haggard’s birthday 6th of April; and the day Merle Died 6th Of April

August 16th, The Day Elvis Died, 16th August The Day Aretha Franklin Died

16 August… Day My Mom Died

Only Rock & Roll could tell this story…The Power of Purpose

Tres Loco Logos by Neil
Piece of Art by Hart

23rd July 2021 All photos copyright Clifford Company of Companies Labor Day Weekend 6 weeks out America.

you gotta believe; Tug McGraw