Power of Purpose

Music was my AeroPlane!

The Story of the Rock Starr Promoter

Charlie Starr ( 2 r’s for Rock n Roll) who helped local talent on the way to Hollywood, California 1985.

Charlie Starr aka Neil The Wheel flew to LAX with KIX on a DC-10 Jumbo Jet and landed a career building the same jet aircraft with McDonnell Douglas Corporation; Douglas Aircraft, DC-10, DC-9, MD-90, MD-11, C-17 & T45.

Donald Douglas birthday 6th April; Neil Clifford birthday 6th April 1961

Merle Haggard’s birthday 6th of April; and the day Merle Died 6th Of April

August 16th, The Day Elvis Died, 16th August The Day Aretha Franklin Died

16 August… Day My Mom Died

Only Rock & Roll could tell this story…The Power of Purpose

Tres Loco Logos by Neil
Piece of Art by Hart

11th April 2021 All photos copyright Clifford Company of Companies