the great photographer

Chuck Berry doesn’t get any better than that…Long Beach
Wow The Who Capital Centre Photo by Neil
Paul at Shippensburg
What a night out Shippensburg Pennsylvania photo by Neil
Mr Keith Richards
Ian & Mick Capital Centre
Looks like Cover of
Humble Pie Painter’s Mill Maryland USA
September 26th 1981 JFK Under Philadelphia’s Thumb
Philadelphia Pennsylvania What a Journey Neil
Sometimes Steve does like me, Imagine that…
Terrible Ted been hangin with Bad Crowd
Krokus City Island Harrisburg USA
Kix with Aerosmith City Island Troy & Brad and the Band Don Emlet took photo
Guess Who DC 4th July the Good Ole Days
It the Idea of Political Party started at the Bunker Hill Blowout…

Music was my AeroPlane The story of the Rock Starr Promoter

Photo of 4 Brothers 2004