I apologize

The toughest thing to do would be to take responsibility for all of the times I failed to be responsible!
My apology to so many people for so many bad and foolish decisions could not be more important than anything I have done in my entire life.

At a young age I learned to hurt so many people so easily with the way I spoke or behaved. Something as simple and innocent as speaking up at Thanksgiving Dinner or saying the wrong thing at the improper time during a meeting or with others somewhere at sometime in my life

I am so sorry the way I was or became to be thought about. Truth to matter only verifies we all make mistakes, but to take ownership can only be a part of the entire story. Therefore here today 23rd January 2021 I apologize to you when I offended you and or those near and dear to you. My grannie, I am so sorry to be a little brat and wish you were dead. My life as you told me would be difficult, yet you knew it was time to leave this life on planet Earth. The day after I wished my Grannie would die, Ms. Nellie Young Quinn had a hemorrhage and stroke before my nine year old eyes! Man did I ever cry…

Please accept my sincere apology to you and all have offended in any and all ways I have behaved or lived my life. I try harder now to listen to others, not interrupt them, and especially understand when our opinions seem so far apart.

Thank you for your time to read this and to try to understand how precious those few moments you have spent here in your busy schedules.

Photo of 4 Brothers 2004
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Neil Frederick Stephen Clifford