12th June 1982

People said “It Rained Mud That Day!” After Introduction of KIX, I leaped into the crowd…

Long after the Thrill of Moose Park had gone;

Life had to go on!

The first KIX concert promotion Charlie Starr booked was happening event, and was documented nicely by me. We have video, and much more…

Saturday the 12th of June 1982, Gettysburg, PA USA.

Steve Whiteman KIX
photo by Mr. John Reh

Life changed for ever that day for so many people in my circle of friends, family and foes.

Logistics I did not know that word, but I did this age 21..
I knew it was going to Rain, it had for 6 weeks that spring, very wet grounds at set up
Picture of Moose Park Charlie Starr 2nd Annual Reunion 1981 KIX Autograph’s

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