Nellie Young Quinn

My grandmother family Borne County Cork, Ireland and Grannie was born 22 January 1886 in Kent London, and died July 1970 in Shamokin, PA USA. Mom told me Grannie’s relatives names were, Obidah Butler, O’Rielly, and Young…was her maiden name Nellie Young related to Obdiah Butler…wow

1997 I went to Ireland, Great Britain, and France and found family data…

My Grannie Quinn
Vince & Grannie Quinn

My mom’s mom, My Grannie Nellie Young Quinn, raised me while my mom worked to support us in Shamokin, Pennsylvania.

Death Certificate of MIGHTY QUINN 25th March 1949 Salford, England

My grandfather, The Might Quinn, my mom’s father…

A Great Fire In Dublin, Ireland 1922 destroyed many records.

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