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2 R's for Rock & Roll

The Rock Starr Promoter

Long Story for Sure; Why not tell it during this COVID-19 Year of 2020

Story Telling 101 taught to me by my Mom Ms. Nellie the Nanny

Concert before LA Trip 1985
Donnie Purnell knew what I had to offer the masses; KIX

In the Beginning

Once upon a Time in America Kids did what Kids do..

Kix were for Kids like me and my friends in South Central PA during the early 1980’s…

The Shooze played at my High School Graduation Party 1979 May 29th; Boy was I wasted…I first saw Donnie Purnell play at the Mountain View in Smithsburg, Maryland when I was 16 years young. When I walked into my first nightclub ever and JAXX was playing, I thought wow this guy will be famous one day. In 1985 walking along Hollywood Boulevard with DP of Kix, I looked down and said

Look Donnie a Starr for You; He replied Look Ya Ya one for You!

Little did I know Kix would take me to South Central LA

& Hollywood USA 1985 for Thanksgiving Dinner in Malibu with POISON & Deb Rosner, Bridgette Wright and KIX. What a Life Where is My Wife?

Our first concert in Los Angeles at the TROUBADOUR in West Hollywood with Guns n Roses and Feline. What a November to remember 1985 America.

5th January 202 All photos copyright Clifford Company of Companies